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Introduction of the MP3 industry.

It's doubtless that MP3 have change the way people listening to music. Take an example; they do not need to carry around with big and bulky expansive record collection. Instead the digital music player today has clearly replaced the CD player in a more convenient way. Today most of the MP3 player is an ideal travel pattern, be it in the MRT station, buses and even cars, they are design in such a way that you can carry and place it in your pocket.

Some researches found out that the MP3 player industry will continue to grow. It is stated in a report, sales of the MP3 player will likely to be growing at most for 2 more years. In addition, with the technology advancement in flash memories will mean a serious improvement in the further.   Meaning a bigger capacity of MP3 player with the similar size. Other researches expected that developments in the market are unlikely and difficult due to the operating devices will be phrased out. It's due to interfaces and range of features. For an instance, a modern MP3 player not only does the listening to music. It provides picture, video storage or even camera function.

Most of the mobile phone manufacturers mostly incorporate MP3 devices into mobile phone. This enable consumer will have 3G, WIFI connectivity to allow consumer access music online. To prevent MP3 industry declining, producer must provide better product features. This means innovative design and product features plays an important role in the media devices. Some company have already started designing sun glass MP3 devices and also wrist band MP3 player. Others provide additional features such as Bluetooth headset to kill off the pesky wires. Although it’s only a concept, innovative idea recharge the media devices just like the renew interest in the games console.

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