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Debating - Opposition
This house believes that One Direction is a crime against pop music

Mr Chairman and ladies on the floor, the proposition asked us to believe that One Direction is a crime against pop music, however it is not. People have written wonderful, positive and optimistic things on the One Direction fan page and judging by the public opinion, these people absolutely love them. One hundred million people have openly shown that they support One Direction, from which we can obviously infer that people adore them.
Moreover, it is very insulting, to generalise the wide range of views of seven billion people into a simple eight word phrase. Unfortunately for the proposition, it is not so cut-and-dry. We cannot simply group the views of the ‘haters’ of One Direction, especially when over one hundred million people (out of those who have internet access) have made the conscious effort to like the fan page, follow the band on twitter or subscribe to the boys on Facebook.
The lyrics of the songs that One Direction has produced, are known to be very moving with powerful words and as well as very catchy tunes. For example their first single, “What makes you beautiful”, have won Best British Single at the 2012 BRIT Awards, two Kids' Choice Awards, and three MTV Video Music Awards.
One Direction has been seen to perform at many major events, including the 2012 London Olympics and the BBC New Year’s Party. They have helped several charities with the money raised from their tours in England and abroad as well.
Finally I would like to stress that One Direction is not a crime against pop music.


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