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Does Technology Make Your Life Simpler or More Complicated?

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Does technology make your life simpler or more complicated?

Some friends of mine say that because of modern technology, they save time and can do many things much easier, so their lives have become simpler and more convenient. However, from my perspective, the deluge of technology I face everyday just serves to complicate my life. So I agree with the statement that technology which is designed to make lives simpler, has just made them more complicated.

First, modern technology wastes my time by letting me do insignificant things. When I started using a computer with the Internet, I thought it would help me in saving time at work and I would have more time to do other things I like. But now it absolutely complicates my life. There are many things in Internet attracting me like games, news, videos, and social networks. Those things are not completely useless, but they have not supplied anything to improve my knowledge and they haven’t helped me improve studying habits or aid in my academic performance in school. With that amount of wasteful time, I could have read many books, programmed, played music on bass or hung out with my friends. I could have been a better writer, programmer and musician.

Secondly, technology also brings to me some troubles. After returning home from school, after doing my home work, I spend almost all of my time to play games, surf many news websites and read the blogs of my friends. Too much time sitting in front of my computer and being lazy to exercise made me procrastinate. Now I’m a procastinator and I feel terrible with my situation. But it is not easy for me to give up playing games, surfing web and reading blogs because they are a window into the reality of other lives and that can be addicting.  

In conclusion, it is no doubt that technology makes my life more complicated. It is not only wasting my time letting me do unnecessary things, but it also affects my grades, and physical health.


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