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Pineapple enzymes and jello lab

Biology 11
November 12, 12
Sherry Wang
Mr. Charles
Word count: 2003

Defining the problem and selecting variables

Problem Question:
Which form of pineapple contains enzymes that digests proteins at an optimum speed?

Independent variable: The type of pineapple used (fresh pineapple, frozen pineapple and canned pineapple)
Dependent variable: The speed of the reaction, this will be measured by the time that it takes for the pineapple to completely break the jello.
Control: A beaker of jello only (without any independent variable (pineapple) added).

Controlled Variables

Controlled variables | Why it must be controlled | How will it be controlled |
1) The temperature of the water used (measured in degrees Celsius) to mix the jello | To ensure that the jello’s qualities remain consistent throughout the experiment. | Mixing all the required amount of jello in one batch, ensuring that the water temperature is consistent. |
2) The brand and quality of the Jello | To ensure that the results are not affected by the difference in the quality of different jellos. | We are only using kraft’s JELL-O (strawberry) powder, which contains: GELATIN, ADIPIC ACID (FOR TARTNESS), DISODIUM PHOSPHATE (CONTROLS ACIDITY), MALTODEXTRIN (FROM CORN), FUMARIC ACID (FOR TARTNESS), ASPARTAME** (SWEETENER), CONTAINS LESS THAN 2% OF ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, ACESULFAME POTASSIUM (SWEETENER), SALT, RED 40. **PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE. (www.kraftbrands.com) |
3) The amount of water added to mix the jello powder | To ensure that the concentration of the jello mixture is consistent. If the concentration is inconsistent, the enzyme-digestion speed would differ. | We are mixing all the jello needed in one batch, so the concentration will remain the same throughout. |
4) The amount of jello powder put in | To ensure that the results are not affected by the difference in the concentration of different jellos. | We are...


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