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For and Against School Form

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For and against school form

School uniforms can be contentious with parents and students both having their own steadfast opinions as to why students should or shouldn’t wear school uniform. Most students when asked would definitely prefer not to wear school uniforms. Teenagers seek to express themselves through their clothing and feel that a school uniform does not allow us to express their sense of style.
For children it is not so bad because little children just entering school are embraced with the idea of wearing a school uniform since they feel proud to have reached this important milestones. Ties, blazers, proper dresses and shoes are consisted to be all coveted items that are very important to a school student in their early education years.
But when children become teenagers they begin to feel the need to stand out or just break the system. Teens want to feel free to choose their own outfits and wear them to school but it appears to be sorts of distractions and problems. Most parents and teachers agree that wearing a school uniform during the teen years crucial for the students. It teaches them discipline and conformity to prepare them fpr the adult corporate world they will face after school.
A school uniform promotes more studious environment keep kids united and prevents feeling inferior. Kids don’t have to spend hours putting together an outfit for school. For parents it is also beneficial as the cost of school uniform is much cheaper in comparison with school clothing. Therefore, it is arguable that making kids wear school uniforms encourages conformity, children’s identities and does not allow to think individually. If teens are not able to express themselves individually in fashion they begin to look for other ways.
Every parent, teacher and student has to come to their own conclusions about what they think is the best for them, their school and their kids. Currently parents have the option of sending their kids to a school where kids don’t...


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