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Was the Black Death a Disaster?

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Was the Black Death a Disaster?

The Black Death was a disease spread by fleas that lived in rats’ fur. The rats ate rubbish from the streets. The rats had infected blood that the fleas drunk and then when the fleas landed on a human, the flea injected the diseased blood into the humans. The Black Death was in Asia in 1334. By 1349, the Black Death had reached Britain. The Plague lasted in Britain for 2 years; this was from 1348-1350. I don’t think the Black Death was a disaster.
There were three main types of plague. the bubonic plague mainly consists of swellings called buboes in your groin and armpits. this had the least change of dying from 30-70%. The second type is the pneumonic plague. this is when you started coughing blood. you had a 75-85% chance of dying. The worst plague was the septicemic plague. This is when the plague got to your blood. you now had a 90% chance of dying.
There were many changes after the Black Death. There were good changes as well as bad changes. Bad changes include 75-200 million people died in the world and almost a third of Britain were affected by it and it took 150 years for Europe’s population to recover after this tragic incident. Other reasons why it was so tragic are that because there were no more spaces left in the cemeteries, the bodies were stacked in pits. these pits were located outside the cities and towns so that no plague from the dead bodies would spread to the people still alive it the cities and towns. Also, because the markets were so busy, there were high chances of catching the plague there. due to this, people stole from the houses of the people who had died to get money so that they don't have to go into the market and have a chance to get infected. The plague that was most likely in the markets was the pneumonic plauge. This is because it is usually passed around in the air around us. this is because when a person with the pneumonic plague coughs out blood, the germs from the blood rise into the...


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