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The Spanish Armada

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The Spanish Armada 1588

Elizabeth I Queen of England in 1559 a peace treaty was signed between England, France and Spain ensuring peace to Europe.

Elizabeth I Queen of England increased the size of the navy.   New ships that were built were faster and easier to steer.
There was a good relationship between England and Spain.   Philip I of Spain had been married to Elizabeth I’s sister, Mary Tudor and in 1559 he proposed to marry Elizabeth I.   Elizabeth I refused and remained single.

However, this friendship quickly turned to tension and rivalry due to some of the following actions.


At the end of 1568 the English navy seized a treasure ship that was bound for Netherlands, which was controlled by Spain.
Philip II of Spain was very annoyed and hence relations between England and Spain worsened.

Philip II was already upset with Elizabeth I Queen of England as she had restored Protestantism in England.
Phillip II was a Catholic and wanted all countries to be of same faith – Catholic and hence the 1559 Elizabethan Religious Settlement infuriated him.
Philip II of Spain was furious when Elizabeth I knighted Francis Drake.

The countries of Europe had an agreement that there would be ‘free trade’ between them, Francis Drake, however, preferred to trade privately and Philip I of Spain saw Elizabeth’s knighthood to Francis Drake as an insult to the free trade agreement and hence began to preparation for war.
(Spain had colonies in the New World and some English sailors – Francis Drake had been stealing Spanish treasures from the New World and Elizabeth I Queen of England encouraged this.)

During 1572 Elizabeth I Queen of England secretly helped the Dutch to rebel against Philip II of Spain as she was aware that a rebellion in the Netherlands would keep Spain occupied and it would prevent Spain attacking England.

William Orange, the Protestant leader of Netherlands was assassinated.

France was a...


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