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Beowulf. The epic poem

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Jennifer Cogdill
English IV Online Course
June 12, 2013

The epic poem Beowulf describes a hero and his trials and tributes in killing three fictional characters. During the poem there is many traits that make Beowulf a epic hero. He goes on quests during his stories. Which during these quest he shows numerous superhuman power and reflects the ideas of Anglo Saxon society.
In the poem Beowulf, who is the protagonist, has been asked to slay a demonic beast called Grendel. His first quest is to slay Grendel by King Hrothgar's request. But, after he does kill Grendel in herot and brings his arm back to the king, Grendel's mother seeks revenge. Which leads me to the second quest to defeat Grendel's mother to protect King Hrothgar and his people.
While he is on these adventures the text suggest he has superhuman traits. During the first battle against Grendel he rips Grendel's limbs off with his bare hands. Plus Beowulf crushes Grendel's hand with just his grip. This suggest he has superhuman strength. Then in the battle against Grendel's mother he has to swim for the majority of the day under water. Once the demonic monster sees him she drags him down to her home in the mere. Thus meaning he had to of been under water for at least a full twenty-four hours. Which as you know is impossible.
Beowulf expresses many ideals of Anglo-Saxon during these quest also. When he is in herot the night he battles Grendel all of his followers are eager to fight with him. This shows there loyalty to him. Loyalty is a huge part of Anglo-Saxon ways. Another big part of Anglo-Saxon was Paganism versus Christianity. During the battle of Grendel's mother and Beowulf, she is referred to as a witch. At this time the Anglo-Saxon society was trying to rid the land of pagans and often called them witches.
In conclusion, the epic poem Beowulf is a true heroes story. Beowulf has many superhuman powers like strength and everlasting breath for example. He goes on heroic quest to kill Grendel...


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