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Catcher in the Rye

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Everyone around you can influence you in any way, negatively or positively. In the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden encounters many people throughout his journey. These relationships he has influence his view of the world, he matures from someone who dislikes the shallow cruel world to understanding this is how life is. This development is shown through "phonies" he meets throughout the novel, his brother Allie, and his sister Phoebe.
The relationship between Holden and the "phonies" shows how Holden dislike the society at first. When ever he meets people he thinks they are "phony" he would citizens them by saying "It was the phoniest conversation you ever heard in your life... I was all set to puke … I really was" (127-128) in his mind. This shows how he views the world negatively. From how he views the world negatively he wants to isolate himself from the society. When he wants to detach from society he "[takes his] red hunting hat out of [his] pocket and put it on - [He] didn’t give a damn how [he] looked" (88). This reveals how he wants to be different and not be the "phonies" he sees and meets. Because of how he see the world and what he does causes him to feel depressed and continues to dislike the society that he is in. When ever he meets any "phonies" he would constantly point out the "It was very phony... Anyway, it made me feel depressed and lousy again." (84) This shows how Holden is depressed from how he views the world and this will worsen as he continues to dislike the society. Therefore, the relationship with "phonies" shows how Holden view the world of hypocrites.
Secondly, the relationship between Holden and Allie worsen his perspective of the world. To Holden, Allie is a very significant person who influences Holden greatly. Holden would turn to Allie when ever "[Holden feels] miserable. [He feels] so depressed … [He starts talking, sort of out loud to Allie. [He] do that sometimes when [he] get very depressed." (98). This...


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