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A number of studies have been done to address these problems, but there is not a reliable treatment in which clinicians can rely on to diagnose and treat them.   Although there is not a valid empirical study that supports the treatment of video game and internet addition, some professionals have created useful assessment tools and treatments to address these types of disorders. Video games, online gaming, and Internet become a problem when people start neglecting their daily responsibilities such as family, work, school, and start spending hours using these devices without noticing their excessive use. It is a fact that excessive video gaming causes health problems, and health professionals have stated several concerns regarding video game playing. During the last twenty years rheumatologists have diagnosed gamers with “Pac-man’s Elbow.” This is a condition characterized by muscle and skin problems from repeated small strokes while playing. Gamers also complain of numbness on fingers, hands, and elbows due to excessive playing (Weinstein, 2011). Additionally, hallucinations, wrist and neck pain, problems with tendons, strain injuries, and bed wetting are also health problems caused by excessive video game playing (Weinstein, 2011). There are the ill effects that harm you like obesity, eye sight weakness, and also back problems.   Results of many such studies have pointed out that video games can have greater adverse effects on children than television and movies. As compared to television, video games demand active participation of the player and therefore, can have far reaching effects on child behavior and psychology.   Game addiction can result in social isolation children tend to spend less and less time playing and interacting with family members and friends. Another important harmful effect of video games is that it can affect a child's perceptions about gender roles, as women are often portrayed as the victim or the weaker person, in many of these games. These...


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