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What exactly is Green energy?

      Green signifies nature, hope and growth. With its strong ties with nature, color Green is also associated with regeneration or rebirth. When Green alias nature becomes energy then it is called Green energy which has to be renewable as well as sustainable. Renewable because natural resources can not be exhausted easily and is naturally replenished. Sustainable as the biological systems have been diverse and productive since a long time.

      Some of the best sources of Green energy are solar power, hydro electric power, wind power, Geo Thermal power and bio fuels. Green energy is converted into usable electrical power through the use of solar panels, windmills, etc. These sources can successfully be used as an alternative to conventional sources of energy. The procedure of producing Green energy leaves less harmful impact on the environment than energy sources like fossil fuels that often leaves harmful side effects.

      Many new age industries are using Green energy to create power that contributes nothing or very little towards global warming. This will result in preserving the planet for a longer time. Pollution created by by-products of traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels contribute to global warming.

      Besides the Green energy sources such as solar or wind, any type of building like a house or an office with an architectural design that keeps itself cool in the daytime and heated in the night without any air-conditioning or heating system can also be a Green energy source. Nowadays with the awareness of conservation of energy, people are taking more interest in building architectural design that itself becomes a Green energy source, for example, a house that is covered with solar panels for collecting energy that can be used for electricity. These are called energy efficient and environmentally safe homes.

      Green energy technology is used more frequently these days for producing power...


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