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Virtual Private Networks

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Virtual private networks have   numerous and strong impacts to all enterprises today, since it increases sales.   It also plays a major role in product development acceleration, and cements strategic partnerships in the business field. High quality VPN has superior prospection than the former circuits like relay and ISDN. It also provides an open ground for business and broad cost savings. The saving may fall from 40-80 percent depending the marketing target and the type of the leased lines. Before the introduction of VPN, staffs were required to use a modem to connect to the network; however VPN have provided international businesses with new mode of communication that is of high quality.
A VPN or virtual private network is a computer network that uses the internet connections to help off-site individual and location to link with the main organization or business network.   Two or more devices, which are connected to different networks, use VPN to connect to each other. Data is then allowed to stream among the networked devices without interference or interruption from other gadgets that may be connected to the local network, although not linked to the Virtual Private Network.
Before the introduction of virtual private network, most of computer networks used a dial up or leased line connections to connect to each other. Implementation and maintenance of these lines were expensive and cost companies thousands of dollars.   Advent of Virtual private networks in the late 90s   changes everything, and companies were able to implement the new and cost effective technology. This extensively reduced the cost incurred by users to connect through a modern internet connection, instead of the expensive T1 lines or leased line connections used earlier (Clark, 1999). There   are numerous options that is presently available depending on what is needed out of a virtual private network. The options can vary depending with who the user is, that is, a vendor or a...


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