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The Proper Way to Operate Mini Concrete Mixer

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1.Always check your machine before using – cables, plugs, drum and stand. If anything is found damaged, do not use the mixer until corrected. 2.Always Wear your protective equipment including ear plugs, safety boots and goggles. 3.Do not move the mini concrete mixer while the drum is full. 4.Do not move the mini concrete mixer while it is still connected to the power supply. 5.You should wear gloves, long sleeves and full trousers to prevent the mixes coming into contact with your bare skin. 6.Check that the mini concrete mixer is sited firmly and safely near to your work area. 7.Check on how the on/off switch operates – before you switch the mixer on, you must know how to stop it. Make sure that your mixer is switched off before you plug it into the supply. 8.Always start the drum rotating before loading. Do not load a concrete mix into a stationary drum. Starting the mixer with a full load puts a severe strain on the motor and drum shaft. 9.Do not put your hand, shovel, or anything other than the mix into the drum while it is rotating. 10.When you have finished work, make sure the drum and the mini concrete mixer are washed clean before the cement mix hardens. Two shovels full of clean gravel, with water, in the rotating drum will greatly assist removing any stubborn residue of the mix. 11.Always store the mixer in its normal upright position. 12.Make sure that any extension cables or plug connections are dry and safe during operation. Finally, in the tenet of “Quality, Service and Excellence”, DASWELL MACHINERY is looking forward to cooperation with new and regular customers all around the world, please feel free to contact us.


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