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A New Movie Theater

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It has recently been announced that a new movie theater may be built in your neighborhood.
do you support or oppose this plan? why? use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

A new movie theater
Entertainment is an important part of everyone’s life. we all need to take time to relax
insgroupsto live healthy lives and do our work efficiently. it is easier to relax when an appropriate
form of entertainment is convenient and close by. therefore, i would support a proposal to build a
new movie theater in my neighborhood.
Entertainment places can bring some disadvantages to a community such as increased traffic
and noise, but i believe the advantages of a new movie theater would outweigh these concerns. for
one thing, the people in my neighborhood would save time. when they wanted to see a movie they
could simply walk to the new theater rather than spend time traveling by bus or car. in addition, it
would be safer for children to visit a nearby movie theater rather than one in some other part of the
city. and finally, a new theater might attract other businesses, such as restaurants and coffee shops,
where the people of my neighborhood could go to relax.
In short, a new movie theater in the neighborhood would increase the number of
entertainment options for the residents. they could enjoy themselves more easily without spending
a lot of time traveling to another part of the city. for these reasons i would support the building of
a movie theater in my neighborhood.


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