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The Embodiment of Two Strategies. Henan Hongxing

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Considering the service life of the Impact crushing machine , Hongxing Mining Machinery has special treatment in the process of the material of the liner. Before the high-manganese steel material is made into the liner of the Impact crusher , it needs to go through water toughing. In this process, the heating rate is one of the most important reasons to affect the final quality of the materials.Under normal circumstances, when the heating temperature is below 400 ℃, the cast structure dose not change significantly. The needle-like carbide precipitates when the temperature is around 450℃. Carbides significantly increase at 500℃. The carbide precipitation is the most at about 550℃. The length of the needle-like carbides gradually becomes shorter and the layers becomes generous when the temperature is 600℃, . Above 700 ℃, the carbide castings in the cast structure begin to dissolve in the austenite. At the beginning, the intragranular acicular carbide first dissolves. At 800℃, most of the intragranular carbides disappear. On the grain boundaries and near the grain boundary, there still be the undissolved carbides. Carbides on grain boundaries at more than 850 ℃become thinner and narrower to broken mesh due to the gradual dissolution of the carbides. The residual carbides on the grain boundaries above 900 ℃ gradually disappear and become isolated state of agglomeration. The undissolved carbides gradually shrink with the increasing temperature. The advent of the impact Sand making machine promoted the rapid development of sand industry. With the development of technology, there are more and more impact Sand maker s with many models and varieties. However, a lot of problems appear in the project. The technical staff in Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will analysize the common sense for the maintenance of the impact sand maker for the customers based on the feedback of the customers.Above 950 ℃, all dissolve in the austenite.Under the condition of further reform and...


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