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Justice Begets Revenge

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Justice Begets Revenge
The difference between justice and revenge depends on the action done in their name. This essay will examine each within two literary films A Time to Kill and Of Mice and Men.  
There are various notions in the world that would encourage one to believe all questions have easy answers. As all things in life, all answers have a chain of command, which chain to venture is based on the situation itself. A slight provocative thought intrigues the mental calculations of a private mind. Nothing proves justifiable until it reaches its own agreements in another person’s thought or mind. This fusion has led many to trust their thoughts are righteous enough to commit a particular action.   Justice and revenge are so intertwined in some instances; only the outcome of the two may prove their differences, disparities, and similarities.  
Revenge is provoked, it is nothing to compare to justice.   Revenge’s motive can always be found within self, to serve self. In its’ kindness revenge balances itself only when one ‘reaps what they sow’; therefore, it can be supposed in this instance, this would be justice. Revenge always carries the notion that ‘somebody owes you something’ but why? This is when revenge can be the ugliest form of justice known to human kind. However, revenge remains to be dependent on someone else’s action, as it is shared, revenge is provoked. This is one of the most barbaric actions in human nature.
In the film A Time to Kill, a young child is raped by a group of men, which provokes the child’s father to commit murder. During his trial the jury is responsible for determining if the murder was justifiable. The father bravely admits that he committed the crime; just as quickly as he is to plea ‘not guilty’ in court. Carl is willing to die for his convictions.   His strength and arrogance never subdues in the movie. In one scene Carl asks “You got a daughter Luke, What would you do?” and then in the courtroom when he pleas ‘not guilty’ and...


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