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Greatest Memory

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I sit here in the examination room ready to write the national senior certificate for English. Filled with mixed emotions of finishing the final matric paper, I reflect back on the most memorable moments of my schooling career. Times like making friends which I eventually grew inseparable from, the relationships we had and the bond that was created was just something unheard of. Playing silly pranks on everyone at school even to some of the teachers…

But one event stands out the most. Years back when exams were just another day in our lives, and everyone was so keen on learning and educating themselves. I remember it like it was yesterday. My very first day at school. A day filled with excitement, eagerness, the unknown and of course, tearful parents. After getting ready twenty minutes early, mum decided to take me to the office. Dressed in my grey pants, black shoes, white shirt, the school tie and my little black bag; mum was beaming as she showed me off to her boss and her other colleagues like I was her trophy. Mums boss kindly gave me some money for the tuck shop, but how was I supposed to know what the tuck shop was? I think if I hadn’t nagged, I would have missed the first day of school and rather be home schooled by mum instead.

We finally set off, mum, dad and I to my new home away from home. Clarence Primary, where I would be receiving “the best education” they said. It was a warm Monday morning and the school grounds were abuzz with the ranting of school children. Scouting the area, a lot of things came to my attention. I was baffled at the fact that mostly parent, including mine, were pouring out tears. Mums cries grew louder and louder such that it was actually ear-splitting.
Sooner or later my father managed to get me out of Mom's bear hug and lugged her, still in tears, through the school gates. I smiled and waved a quick goodbye and proceeded to find my way through the huge school. Everything was ten times the speed I was used to, from...


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