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Medical Assistant

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As a Medical Assistant there are a number of duties that should be completed before the patients arrive to the office.   Preparing ahead of time will help with the flow of the day.   If employees get everything completely prepared for that day more than likely the day will be less stressful and the office will run smoothly.   Employees should always arrive earlier than the patients to get the office ready for the patients.   When the employees arrive to the office they should make sure all equipment is turned on that is being used for the day.   This may include but not limited to, computers, laboratory equipment, copy machines, and faxes (Young, 2007).
A Medical Assistant needs to make sure they call the answering service to collect any messages that were left while out of the office (Young, 2007).   The employee that is in charge of this duty that morning need to make sure they have the phone message book handy.   Each message should be recorded into the message book, and include all information that is necessary to properly respond to the message (Young, 2007).   If the Medical Assistants listen to the messages early in the morning, then scheduling the patient that morning could be a possibility.
Going over the patient schedules is important that way you can be ahead and know what patient will be coming in and the reason for being in the office, with that being said, this gives an impression to the patient that we are well-organized professionals.   After going through the patient schedule for the day, the next step is to have the charts organized and ready for when the patients arrive.   This is an extra step that is beneficial because, it is a step we will not have to worry about doing during the busy work day, therefore not getting confused and possibly pulling the wrong chart.  
Having charts organized and ready for the day helps conserve time and gives the picture of a professional organized facility.   Filling out any necessary paper work for that day such as;...


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