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Lubrication and Main Points of Hammer Crushers

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After years of practice and summarize composite cone breaker and more broken and less grinding “process to reduce the crushing final product particle size, increasing the content of fine particles in the fragmentation products, thereby increasing the processing capacity of the mill meet the crushing, milling machine to reduce power consumption and metal consumption, reduce costs and increase economic efficiency. The PYFH composite springcone crusher have rough sex, neutral, fine three cavity, not only for the crushing operations can also be used for crushing sand operations, uniform mechanism for the production of sand type, the efficiency of the sand handling capacity, machine wear, popular industry in the sand broken! Energy efficient than the market crusher, sand making energy-saving in general up to 30% -50%, is bound to replace the crusher equipment currently on the market.Due to the call that the country promotes the artificial sand, sand making machineattracted people’s attention. At the same time, the related sand maker operation, maintenance, maintenance knowledge was widely concerned by us. But for the first step ofsand maker maintenance – the lubrication and maintenance, we may not know much about it. In the work process of sand making machine , it will generate a lot of heat and make bearing temperature rise, and the long-term operation causes the bearing wear. Therefore, the lubrication of the sand maker is very important. Correct lubrication method can not only extend the life of the sand making machine, but also can improve the efficiency of the sand making machine. Here, I will introduce lubrication maintenance points on sand making machine to note:   First, anti-rust. Lubricating grease must have a certain anti-rust capability, the rust inhibitor should be water-insoluble, and form a layer of film on the steel surface to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.Secondly, the lubricating oils have a certain stability. We have said that sand making machine...


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