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Nations Should Pass Laws to Preserve Any Remaining Wilderness Areas in Their Natural State, Even If  These Areas Could Be Developed for Economic Gain.

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We should be grateful to the bountiful nature for sustaining us,as it had sustained our ancestors for 

many generations.But,don't we need to preserve it for posterity's sake?State of wilderness today is a 

very exigent issue , that should be concerning every nation , in fact every individual.We have already 

cut down innumerable trees and cleared forest for our selfish economic gains.Post industrialization 

has seen a complete metamorphosis of how vast stretches of green land and forests  had been replaced 

by factories ,industries ,commercial building and township resulting in uncontrollable pollution 

,global warming,diseases such as lung cancer, asthma and other respiratory disorders owing to 

deforestation.Hence,I undoubtedly agree that nations should implement strict laws to curb further 

Only countries which are under developed, have fair amount of wilderness area and where economic 

development is a prerequisite for survival should consider about disturbing them  .They  should 

learn from mistakes of developed nations and take thoughtful actions - how to manage their wildlife 

resources such that minimum damage happens to environment.

Forest contributes a lot in rain ,maintains levels of oxygen,recycle carbon dioxide and are home to 

innumerable species of flora and fauna.Deforestation disturbs the delicate environmental balance 

leading to global warming,disturb pattern of rain and climatic variations and pollution.
Due to man's reckless deforestation many animals are on the verge of extinction or their population 

have significantly reduced.Siberian tiger,Panda,dodo bird.American Bison,mountain gorilla are a few 

to mention.We are left with only 3,000 wild tigers now whereas, a century back  their number was 

around 1,00,000.Well what a shame!!
Incidents reporting animals attacking human beings in cities are also increasing these days because 

of loss of their habitat and subsequent...


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