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How could the personal and social tensions between characters in the plays. You have studied be expressed on stage?
Refer to performance styles, techniques, conventions and your own experience of these plays.
The personal and social tensions between characters have explored through two Australian contemporary plays. They are <Ruby Moon> by Matt Cameron was written in 2005 and <Stolen> by Jane Harrison was written in 2003. <Ruby Moon> is used the allusion of the fairy tale story, where Ruby went to visit her grandmother and got missing. Her parents play detective roles of trying to find the solution. Contrastingly, <Stolen> depicted the Australian history of the ‘Stolen Generation’. The script began with five stolen Childs, who are telling their own journey of being a stolen child. They live in the orphan and trying to find their identity. Both plays portray the same themes of parent’s grief and worry through used the performance style, techniques and convention. It reflects the personal and social tensions between characters.
<Ruby Moon> explores the theme of the fairy-tale. In our class work shop, my group has picked the prologue to perform. We used the Ice-cream truck, the Mannequin, the Doll, the Dress to establish the scene. The contrast and Symbolism are used to place an emphasis on innocence versus, truth and reality to makes the audience question what happen to Ruby. It also creates personal concern on the society.   As an audience we start to questioning- what happen to our society? Does it is dangerous? What can we do? We have to be careful with our children? The effect of using the techniques had created a fear and terrify mood for audience and as an audience as we get a message of the world is danger.  
<Stolen> explores the theme of loss of innocence. In our class experience, my group played the scene where <Sandy revisits children’s home>. We uses contrast between the old orphans building vs. the modern...


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