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All About My Mother

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All about my mother  
          There are two of kinds of persons in this world-one who has mother and has a chance   to   known what kind of person she is, and another who has mother but does't have a chance   to know what kind of person she is.I am the kind of person in the first group.Not only I have a
mother,but I have also a chance to get shelter from dangers under   her cool shade of love.
Having such a good opportunity,whenever I think about my mother,a lot of words to talk about her leave my heart for my mind.
          ''San Mya" is my mother's name.This name is harmonious with her for the only fact that both the name and she,my mother, are in the style of Myanmar. She is not very beautiful but good-looking. She is now in her late forties,and about one year later, she will make her first step to her early fifties. Her grey long hairs   are   taking   the places of the black ones more and more; however her face is still good-looking with maturity.She is a woman of brown complexion, and also she is a woman of medium height. As she is a little thin, she seems to be weak in body. But she is strong in mind.
          Actually, my mother is not so great that her image is used for the cover by the world- class magazine, "Time". Yet she is so great that her image can lie deeply in my heart.She is kind to her children very much.She has devoted     all of her life in caring and upbringing her children.She always   finds the ways to show her geniune love because she loves   her children so much that any words can't afford to express hers (her love).Not only she loves her children so much ,   but she also   loves her husband very much.The reason why she loves him is not because he is educate and rich,but he can conquer her heart in the way just he is.Afterall,my mother is a good mother as well as a good wife.So,I love her so deeply that her image lies deeply in my heart, and that I utter the word"Mother" whenever I have to face ups and downs.


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