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Orion Shield

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Orion Shield Project Analysis

Emoke de Kun

AMBA 640

Professor Larry Williams

July 16, 2013

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Contractual Issues 4-5
Technical Issues 5-6
Ethical and Legal Issues 6-7
Project Management Issues 8
Conclusion 9
References 10

Executive Summary

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the implications that Gary Larsen was faced with as   project manager in the Orion Shield Project Case Study.   Gary Larsen, who was chosen as project manager was faced with many hurdles and his inexperience as the project manager definitely had negative implications on the triple constraints of the project: scope, time and cost.   In this paper, I will address the problems Gary Allison faced: contractual, legal, ethical, technical and project management. Henry Larsen chose Gary Allison to be project manager, knowing full well he did not have the knowledge, nor the know-how to be a project manager, especially of such a big project.   I will address Henry Larsen’s unethical behavior and poor leadership skills as well.   Henry Larsen tried to put all the blame on his project manager, but he as   a sponsor was practically absent and let the project get totally out of control.
My recommendation would be to have a project manager with experience and proper leadership skills who will be able to ensure the success of the project and be able to meet the triple constraints of scope, price and cost to meet the needs of the stakeholder.   The project manager must also have open communication   with all stakeholders and to   lead his team in an ethical manner.   It is also important to have a project charter and project management plan to give direction to the project and to the team to be able to deliver results to the customer as directed.

Contractual Issues...


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