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Who on earth likes to write essays? If that’s what you think, think again! Essays can be a brilliant way to express your thoughts and ideas and with the right kind of orientation, you can master the art of writing essays. In this section we provide you sample essays that can open for you a whole new world of possibilities.
The first thing that you face in the ICSE English language paper is a composition-task. You are required to write an essay of about 600-800 words on a topic that you may have never heard of before! How then do you approach it?
Let’s try to find an answer.
To understand how to write a good composition in ICSE English I paper and get good scores, you must first know very clearly what exactly is required of you. You must have seen that ICSE gives you  a wide choice of topics from which you can select any one for writing your essay. Let us assure you that selecting a good topic, one that suits your reading background, your style of writing and your personality and personal likings is very important. You can never write a good ICSE essay if you are uncomfortable with the topic to begin with. So here’s a guide to selecting the best topic, the topic that is most suited to you.
Descriptive Essay: You will find that one of the ICSE essays is a descriptive essay that requires you to describe some incident or event. You are usually asked to recall some incident from the past and narrate it, but you may also be asked to write on a topic that requires you to imagine some incident or event. Examples of this type of essays are the follows:
  * Write an essay describing the last Sports Day in your school. You should detail the happenings of the entire day and also mention why the day remains etched in your memory.
  * Describe a wedding ceremony in your family that you witnessed closely for the first time in your life.
Narrative or reporting: These ICSE essays require you to narrate/report an incident. These essays are judged on the candidate’s capacity to...


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