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Navneet Kaur
Professor Gabrielle zezulka
English 1100 R15
22 July 2013
The Roar of the Tiger Mom
Amy Chua’s essay “Why Chinese Mother are Superior” appeared on The Wall Street Journal in 2011. Amy intends to demonstrate the superiority of Chinese Parenting skills as opposed to western styles. She uses self-experience and comparisons between parenting skills to prove her point. She mentions that Chinese mothers don’t let their children do anything that they want and that Western parents always let their children due extracurricular activities. Chua mentions that most Chinese mothers don’t take into consideration their children’s feelings but on the other side Western parents always consider their children’s feelings first. She states that she knows Chinese mothers expectations because she herself is a Chinese mother. As she describes the Chinese parenting style in all its glory, I disagreed with her claim because throughout the essay shows her audience her credibility on the subject and emotion to help her readers get a better feel of her essay and also use statistics to give the audience an actual view of the research that she has done. Amy Chua explains her elitist point of view as a Chinese parent boasting to have discovered the highest form of parenting. Amy Chua exemplifies her psychotic thoughts that children are garbage unless they are perfect in her eyes
Chinese mothers, according to Chua, believe that children, once they get past the toddler stage, need to be told in no uncertain terms when they have not met the high standards their parents expect of them. Their egos should be strong enough to take it. She also used ethos when she added stories of the life experiences that she went through with her daughters. She gives examples about the methods she took with her own daughters in order to lead them to a successful life. The example that she uses is when her daughter was trying to learn how to play a piece in the piano. She talks about the...


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