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International Trade and Finance Speech
        Economics is the management between companies, countries, people, etc. When importing good into the United States it takes times and customary procedure to get to it’s destination. This speech will the plethora of   question, concerns, and comment one may have. If I am unable to address your inquiries, I will take it upon myself to further educate myself in regards to your unanswered questions. The condition of the United States economy is taking its time to recover. This is due to past wars, presidential terms and an unhealthy job-market.
      If there is an excessive amount of imports in the United States one of two things can occur.   Sellers will dispense their products throughout stores to assist in boosting sales.   The result of this will be a boost in profit.   Nevertheless, when there is a surplus of a product, it typically goes to a wholesaler. The wholesaler will sell the product individually and cheaper.   An example of these wholesalers is Costco. They buy the items for a cheaper price, because there is a surplus of it, and they sell it to the consumer cheaper.
Effects of International trade to GDP
      The effect of international trade on Gross Domestic Product is when the exports are exceeding imports. If this occurs GDP will increase. When the GDP increases the exports are adverse, resulting in a GDP decrease. Most countries strive for a strong GDP, but not all countries are able to achieve that. The countries that are able to attain a high GDP can do this   because they import more than they export. International trade disturbs domestic markets by competition or expansion within the market. The more the domestic market exports the more the market will expand. This can cause a rise in businesses and their revenue.
      By importing goods from competitors, it promotes   efficiency and performance. This will promote a positive rapport with other countries. When international trade is expanding we grant...


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