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Hydrogen Uav

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Abstract - The use of liquid hydrogen fueling in aircraft engines has many advantages over typical gasoline powered engines in an aircraft. This paper will analyze the design, process, and plausibility of the use of liquid hydrogen fueled HALE (high altitude long endurance) UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle). As inferred from the name, this aircraft is capable of flying at   extremely high   altitudes   for   extended periods of time, which gives the aircraft many benefits over an average hydrocarbon fueled vehicle. Specifically this paper will discuss the processes of hydrogen fuel cell powered engines of UAVs and their effects on the capability for high altitude, long duration flight. This paper is also designed to report on the technical specifications of such an aircraft in regards to the requirements for a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system. It will focus partially on the lightweight yet stable architecture of HALE UAVs and how it contributes to their ability to achieve longer mission durations. This analysis includes in depth examination of cryogenic hydrogen fuel tanks and the on board equipment used to facilitate the hydrogen fuel cell powered system. It will also discuss the on board conditions that need to be maintained to produce maximum results. Then the paper will also consider favorable properties of hydrogen   in comparison to properties of other hydrocarbon fuels in terms of power generation, environmental effects of emissions and cost reduction,   further   proving   conceivable use in aviation. It will examine the environmental impact, as well as the cost advantages of production, of hydrogen fuel versus other hydrocarbon energy sources. Hydrogen fuel is not the   perfect answer to the   energy dilemma, but it has many advantages over traditional energy sources, especially for use in high altitude, long endurance aircrafts.

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