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Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality


A famous sociologist, A H Halsey said that there are two kinds of inequality.

      Inequality of opportunity is where people do not have the same chances in life.

      Inequality of outcome is where people may have the same opportunities, but cannot take advantage of them for social reasons.

Key skills

      ← Numeracy
      ← Communication

Sociology skills

      ← Examination techniques
      ← Evaluating ideas and thinking for yourself.


      ← To understand that gender inequality is in all areas of life in modern Britain.

      ← To recognise that inequality can be proved through looking at statistics

      ← To look at some of the reasons why men and women are not equal


      ← Look at the information on this sheet.
      ← Answer the questions using the information on the sheet.

Sociological problem: Are men and women equal in Britain?

There are slightly more women than men in Britain at all ages of the population.

More boys are born than girls. Boys and men tend to die earlier and at a younger age. They are more likely to be born with genetic disease, experience accidents and to have an unhealthy life style. Until recently, more men than women smoked and drank alcohol.

If men and women have equality of outcome, they will appear in the statistics in the same numbers that they do in the population.

Complete the following table and copy it into your book:

|Gender of those who are                                                                         |men             |women           |
|Members of Parliament                                                                           |               |18%             |
|local councillors                                                                               |72%             |               |
|top earning directors of big companies                                                         |...


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