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My Life

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When starting this paper many things hit my mind.   There was a bunch of things in my past that made me the person that I am today.   There were many things that influenced my life to follow the path that I have taken.   My family, my childhood, my career goal, and my jobs have forged the life and path that I have lead all these years.   The biggest influence on what made my path was my parents.   But let me explain how I have been influenced by these.  
My childhood was not an easy one.   There were many things that I remember .   But the most influencing thing that affected me in my life was the time I spent in the hospital as a child.   When I was born the doctor did a malpractice mistake to me.   This caused my kidneys to be weak.   Because of this mess up I had to spend everyday in the hospital.   With the weakest chances that I could survive were slim.   But I fought through it and survived.   Because of the weakening in my kidneys I spent most of my childhood in the hospital.   This gave me the will growing up as an adult to fight my weaknesses.   I had to make them stronger.
One thing that I can remember are the surgeries that I had to do on my kidneys.   As I said my kidneys were weak.   They had to be removed and checked.   I had to get a transplant on one kidney to keep me alive.   These surgeries taught me something I never knew.   They taught me that I had challenges in life that I had to deal with.   I was basically fighting my body to stay alive.   I had to deal with these surgeries.   I know now without these I could not survive.   But I did and knew what fighting was about.
The last thing I remember about my support of my mother through all these days was my mother supporting me during my childhood.   When I was in the tiring hospital stays my mother was there by my side.   She kept telling me how to face it.   That she would be here for me.   She also stated that in God's hands They wanted me to feel him giving me the strength that I needed to survive. I used this now...


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