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Do the social network websites (e.g. Facebook)
destroy personal relationships?
Nowadays social network website such as twitter, facebook, instragame and
etc. are very popular on teenager and adult .So, do the social network websites
destroy personal relationships If everybody can connecting to other people who they
want to contact with.
First of all, social network websites such as “facebook” have a lot of member
around the world. You can post your status, Share your picture or other media type
that you want, post something on your friend‘s wall and you can chat with online
people or leave a message to offline people .that’s   easily to connecting people
although you are not same place with them
In other hand, although windows live messenger which known as MSN used
to popular on teenage about 5-7 years ago. But, nowadays it’s still have many
account and e-mail on www.hotmai.com .for me , I use hotmail to connecting with penpal   and use it on my family’s business
Finally, if you’d love to take a picture and shared it to your friend you can do it
fast and easily with Instragram which are now popular among teenagers .On
Instragram you can share your cool picture and you can see your friend’s picture
and comment it. You can do online shop on Instragram by post your product picture
and wait for someone who interested
In conclusion, social network websites didn’t destroy personal relationships
but keep people close together although they are not same place. For example, you
can contact with your friend who are lived in other university or you can contact with
your parent anytime that you need.


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