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Boarding School

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The education is one of the key words in our time. A man without an education, many of us believe, is an unfortunate victim of adversity, deprived from of the great opportunities. People have been pondering for years the pros and cons of boarding school without any definite consensus. This essay aims to investigate the underlying reasons why numerous parents send their children to study in school and then present that the merits of boarding school outshine its potential downsides.

The reasons of the popularity of boarding school are manifold. Initially, in this modern competitive society many parents have to face the pressure of heavy workload. In this sense it is wise for them to send their children to school so that the teachers could provide supervision on them. Besides, the experiences of coping with peers students could know how to get along with others and the spirit of teamwork which is essential in their future career life.

Seen from the positive aspects, both young adults and their parents could benefit a great deal from studying at school. The most glaring virtue is that most boarding schools are facilitated with advanced teaching equipment and excellent teachers. It is conceivable those professionally well-trained teachers could impart knowledge more vividly. Besides, plenteous psychological assistants have a pool of experience and they could provide students with a optimistic life outlook and how to brave the challenges in real life.

Unfortunately, problems inevitably ensue. Initially, some young students who spend long term in school may feel alone and even worse they know little to dispel the sense of isolation. Besides, the family bond could be loosed due to long time separated from folks. More precisely, numerous young adults prefer to talk to their peers rather than parents.

In a shell, the improvements of the society and education methods lead to the popularity of boarding school. My stand is that although boarding school could trigger...


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