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My Goal of Becoming a Doctor

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My grandmother lies sprawled on the living room floor, all I can see is blood dripping down the side of her forehead. She whimpers in pain and my father gently picks her up and rushes her frail, limp body to the car. I stand paralyzed in shock, looking at the same spot where she lay, helpless, crying for help.
My grandmother broke her hip, that dreadful day, nearly seven years ago. She also suffered from Alzheimer's disease. A few weeks after her accident, she completely forgot how she injured herself. My father could not afford a full-time nurse to watch after her; as a result, I now gained the responsibility of her everyday care. Taking care of my grandmother was extremely difficult; I had to bathe her, change her disposable absorbent underpants, feed her, and put her to sleep. She would often forget who I was, consequently, resulting in resistance to comply with me. She would kick, bite, punch and scratch me every time I tried to feed or bathe her. It caused me a great deal of pain to see her suffering from an incurable disease. However, taking care of my grandmother helped me realize my passion for helping people, ever since then I knew that I wanted to become a doctor.
There are so many diverse and interesting aspects of the medical field. The world is constantly changing and with the development of new technology to treat many more health complications, the need for doctors is growing. Doctors are needed by every society regardless of wealth or diversity. Their patients depend and trust them to deliver accurate diagnosis and treatments. There is no feeling more gratifying than knowing that you have impacted an individual's life in a positive manner.
In addition, my love for science contributes to my goal of becoming a doctor. Biology has taught us that every single organism alive is interconnected through complex webs of DNA; chemistry shows us that many different components make up every day substances, and physics gives us insight into the factors...


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