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College Students Should Be Encouraged to Pursue Subjects That Interest Them Rather Than the Courses That Seem Most Likely to Lead to Jobs. Write a Response in Which You Discuss the Extent to Which You Agree or Disagree

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College students should be encouraged to pursue subjects that interest them rather than the courses that seem most likely to lead to jobs.

    What major should college students be encouraged to pursue ? Should they pursue subjects that interest them , or the courses that seem most likely to get a good jobs ? Since major selection for college students is a determinant of how to shape the rest of life , not only one parameter need to be included, however interest should be the leading element among them.

    Obviously there are some advantages to pursue the courses that seem most likely to lead to jobs . Firstly , it is easier for the students to find a good paid job , which can set up a good foundation to enter the society. Parents already paid enormous money on their education , it is a shame to continue exploiting them after graduation . Secondly, which major is popular   tells that the society development need those talents , people devoting to those domain is also a way to balance the society request .   [11:08]

    Although those advantages , interest is still the leading determinant to choose the major courses . A career without interest will   make people to treat them halfheartedly, which results in the failure of the career and leads to a disaster private life. Some people even refuses to go to work after the beginning several year’s weariness due to being short of interests. On the other hand , at the begining there might be some obstacle for the people who choose major based on their interests, but as long as they can persevere , they might find the new point to develop their career . For example ,an art students who is not supposed   to quickly find a job   , doesn’t have to become a famous artist to be success , which is top notch of a career pyramid , very hard to achieve. But it is not hard for them become a gallery manager , a commercial designer or some other domain which relates to the art , where they can enjoy the glamor of the art as...


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