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The Technology Creation of Spiral Chutes

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The new drying equipments our company produced are the following: new slime dryer, blue carbon dryer, the new mesh belt dryer, new rotary dryer, dry process rotary kiln, oxidized ore reduction rotary kiln adapted and so a full set of production equipment, mineral processing, cement, chemicals, agriculture, light industry and other fields, more than 500 users at home and abroad has been highly praised.Our country will continue to move in the direction of technological innovation , I believe that the dryer industry will change dramatically in the near future , let us join together to create a better future .First , Maximum use the heat to conduct the drying operation, this is a the   goal every dryer production enterprise pursue , four methods can achieve energy saving of slime dryer, which is one of the various links in the drying process in reducing heat loss. When heat certain circumstances, to minimize the heat loss, so that the thermal energy for the drying operation, again to improve the efficiency of drying. Generally, the heat loss of the drying machine does not exceed 10%, and the insulation suitable medium-sized production device, heat loss is about 5%. Therefore, good drying system insulation work, but is not thicker, the better the insulation layer, should determine an optimum insulation thickness. Generally use the blower and induced draft fan in order to prevent the leakage of the drying system, used in tandem, to make reasonable adjustments to state operation of the system is zero pressure, to avoid convection dryer drying medium leakage or ambient air leaking into drying The decline in the efficiency of the machine hot.Second, reduce the evaporation load of the dryer is the second method to improve the drying efficiency, before the material enters the dryer, the pre-dehydration treatment by filtration, centrifugation or the evaporator evaporation, etc., the increased mass of the solid content, reduce the evaporation of the dryer load, which is one of...


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