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Technology Creation of Hongxing Hammer Crushers

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The exchanges and communication with customers we continously carried out not just make us learn the customers better, but more importantly let us to view the questions from customers" perspective, and solve the problem for the customer ! Achieve the purpose of the enterprises more efficient, more customers save costs and improve the speed of market reaction, accelerating technological innovation, systematic quality management, reduce production costs, allow consumers to enjoy the benefits and capture more business opportunities in the rapidly changing competitive market.Amend the energy efficiency regulations and standards to create a favorable external environment, and promote the implementation of the ten key energy conservation projects.the amended Energy Conservation Law, the adoption of legislation to establish a strict management system and perfect the responsibilities of various actors, strengthening policy incentives, clear law enforcement body, increase disciplinary efforts. Want to pay close attention to the development and improve the access standards of major energy-consuming industries energy consumption, energy-saving design specifications, the main energy-consuming industrial equipment, motor vehicles, construction, household appliances, lighting equipment and other standard run energy equipment energy efficiency standards, as well as public buildings. Various regions to study the development of the region"s major energy-consuming products and large public buildings energy consumption per unit limit. Strengthen the energy conservation management of key energy-consuming enterprises, improve energy saving transformation enthusiasm. Key energy-consuming enterprises to conduct energy audits, preparation of energy-saving plan and its implementation program, the shortcomings of the standard, the development of energy-saving goals, establish energy accountability, improve energy management system, measures of implementation Festival Awards ultra penalty....


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