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The Raid Progress of Belt Conveyors

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With the development and progress of society, the innovation of science and technology, the path of development of industrial automation, sustainable development has been gradually realized by people , energy conservation is the development the times called for. The dryer equipment occupies a pivotal position in the industrial machinery, and widely used in the cement industry, food industry, metallurgy industry industry and the other industries that closely related with the national products. Due to backward technology, dryer equipment produced in the past all have the large volume, not only result to the transport difficulties, the area is also large and do not have a high utilization of geothermal energy lead to higher drying costs. Difficult if you do not improve a new era of industrial development based on the new industrial dryer equipment how to do? Industrial drying machine, also known as the rotary dryer is a dryer of dry bulk materials, in particular, the necessary drying equipment for the cement industry, which is mainly used for the drying of limestone, clay, coal powder and mixed materials. New industrial dryer, drying process to achieve full automation, completely solve the problems of the past the drawbacks of the tumble dryer, dual frequency technology meet the requirements of the different quality of the finished product, the utilization of geothermal energy, more than 90%, reduce the cement Pakistan the drying cost investment and energy consumption, cement enterprises to cost savings, with great economic benefits. Build the production line, merger and reorganization , the industrial chain extension are three different development mode of the domestic cement companies. The cement industry mergers and acquisitions began to increase after the "Eleventh Five-Year" period and the trend was a rapid rise in 2011, the market was originally given the cement industry mergers and acquisitions more expectations. However, this half down, apart from some...


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