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Merchant of Venice Greed

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Published 28/6/13 by Lewis Henshall
Radamel Falcao transfer highlights greed
Money seems to be the most powerful tool in football as footballers move clubs to ascertain a healthier bank balance
Radamel Falcao, easily a top striker in the world, has just move to a club which has barely an average attendance of 5000 per match last season. This is an example of pure greed, without considering his future as a football player. Falcao rejected a transfer offer from two big clubs Real Madrid and Chelsea, as a result, losing an opportunity to play top flight football in European tournaments such as the Champions League and the Europa League.  
Falcao, a young and highly talented footballer, seems to prefer money over world class football.   AS Monaco, however, is just a newly promoted side from French’s Ligue 2 division. This ridiculous move from Atletico Madrid to AS Monaco has gain criticism from reporters and journalist around the world. If Falcao were to be transferred to big clubs, he would be able to earn the same amount of money with sheer hard work.
Ricardo Carvalho’s move from Real Madrid to AS Monaco is highly reasonable as he is already at the brink of retiring from football, thus he wants to get mega pay so as to ensure he has enough money for the rest of his retired life
This article shows the relation of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and the modern world. Shakespeare emphasizes greed through the character of Shylock, who cares about money more than love most of the time. In Act 2 scene 8, Solanio said that Shylock agonizes over the loss of his money and is reported to run through the streets crying, “O, my ducats! O, my daughter!” This is greed shown by Shylock suggesting that his greed has more importance than his own daughter. Shakespeare’s content shows greed frequently by Shylock as he emphasizes the bags of ducats again and again, with less concern about his...


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