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Manners Which Society Ma Collapse as a Rresult of Crime

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I was born in the heat of South Africa’s political strife in the year 1976. I was raised in a
big family with sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Times were tough,
resources and opportunities limited. Still my parents, a teacher and a nurse, provided not
only for their children, but also for the extended family. Because of these shared
resources, my four siblings and I did not have the luxury of attending affluent schools.
2. We were lucky to have had the opportunity to go to school at all. While my paternal
grandparents had also been part of the fortunate few educated, my maternal
grandparents did not have any formal education. They tried, (Q.10), to give their children
(my mom and her siblings) the best education they could. The eagerness with which my
parents studied inspires me even today. From the limited access to educational facilities,
both my parents studied to honours level and, at their age, they are still engaged in
postgraduate studies.
3. Very much like my parents, my schooling was not always easy. The government schools
were not well resourced, but we had passionate teachers who always told us that with
education, we would go far in life. I thank God that those words were further emphasized
at home. School was difficult as English was the language of learning and teaching, and
yet a language we were not speakers of. To compound the problem further, some of the
teachers were not proficient in English. My colleagues still don’t believe that I was often
taught English in my native language, isiZulu! Despite all that, it was my love for
language that motivated me to master English. I realized very early in life that English is
the language of power. I realized that if I armed myself with this tool, I could use it to
open many doors. Furthermore, I realized that I could help others unlock their potential
and reach their dreams as well


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