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Analysis Question and Solution on Lime Rotary Kiln

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Limestone calcination production line is complex thermal decomposition reaction process,through the process calcium oxide is made from calcium carbonate.As a result of different kiln types,different configuration,different quality of raw materials and ingredients, as well as various fuel types and calorific value,so that limestone calcination production line will appear all sorts of problems and faults in calcination process,Great Wall company give some analysis and solution of FAQ in lime rotary kiln :
The first problem is that sintering particles are too large,because of the particles has close relationship with rotary kiln capacity,which directly effects calcination capacity.We should guarantee the feeding size between 40mm and 80mm for traditional vertical kiln.Another question is unreasonable air feeding,as we know,lime stone is calcinated by fuel and fuel burns with oxygen.Unreasonable air feeding leads to unbalanced heating in rotary kiln .The third question is about the over-sintering,Quality of quick lime is defined by percent and activity of calcium oxide.the over-sintering lime stone has low activity,the solution is make the temperature between 1000degree centigrade and 12oo degree centigrade.the fundamental solution is that do the reasonable fuel quota and adjust the suitable air supply with   fuel.

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