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Human Freedom in the News

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Human Freedom and the News


Tiffany Henderson

August 6, 2013

South University
Human sexuality has been a topic with drastically different views on what freedom and rights should gay and lesbians be able to enjoy. In America some states have now recognized same sex couples rights to marry and enjoy the benefits of marital status. In other countries like Iran homosexuality is look at as an illness that goes against all laws of Islam. This paper will dissect the perception of basic human rights and the human freedom theories that either justify or oppose them.
The country of Iran is known as an Islamic Republic that takes governmental loyalty, social unification, and religious law seriously. Anything deemed as a threat to these fundamentals are quickly identified and dealt with. There is one existing threat that challenges the religious laws, homosexuality. Homosexuality is a crime punishable by imprisonment or execution in Iran. The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the in his country homosexuality is viewed as “an ugly behavior”(Huffington Post, 2012).   Under the laws of Shari’a homosexuality is not recognized as two consenting individuals, meaning if men or women are caught engaging in any type of sexual behavior with the same sex are subjected to public beatings, imprisonment and in some cases death.
The views of homosexuality in America have divided this country. There are many who have accepted the homosexual community, but there are still people who view homosexuality the same way as the Iranians. Homosexuality is not against the law but those of the homosexual community still struggles to enjoy the basic rights of an American.
Right now only 14 out of the 50 states in America recognizes same sex marriages. Other states allow civil unions but don’t extend the same benefits of marriage to a same sex couple. Many Americans argue that they don’t care about homosexual but they rather these people don’t flaunt it in public. Would you...


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