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Amber Lyn Chocolates Inc

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Chocolate has been a fascination of mine for a long time. There are more varieties out there than I can count. There are not very many countries that do not eat, sell, or use chocolate in some form or shape. Chocolate is definitely a universal food. Chocolate can be trace as far back as three to four millennium (“History of chocolate,”). Chocolate is produced from the seed of the tropical cacao tree. The see must be fermented, dried, and roasted. After this process the shell is removed and ground to form cocoa (“History of chocolate,”). This is chocolate in its purest form. Chocolate has been around a very long time to be around. The actual birth date of chocolate is unknown but it’s a fact that chocolate has been cherished from the beginning. However, how it is consumed today is vastly different from millennium ago. For about ninety percent of its history, chocolate has been strictly a beverage (“History of chocolate,”). There are several types of chocolate such as pure chocolate or unsweetened chocolate that contains cocoa butter in vary proportions. A lot of what is eaten today comes in the form of sweet chocolate which is a combination of chocolate and sugar. Today, chocolate can be found in all shapes and forms. There is no limit to how chocolate is used. So, it is no surprise that chocolate can be found sugar-free. For someone, like me, who struggles with health issues, sugar-free chocolate is a dream comes true. One such company that specializes in only sugar-free chocolate is Amber Lyn Chocolate, Inc.
      Amber Lyn Chocolate, Inc. is located in St. George, Utah where the man that dream of sugar-free chocolates made it happen. Amber Lyn Chocolate, Inc. was started by Lyman Peterson. Peterson was a highway patrolman in Utah. After he retired as a state trooper, he was put on a strict diet of low carbs. His love of chocolate led him to search for something that would fit his strict diet. Unable to find anything to satisfy his chocolate cravings that tasted...


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