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Improvement of Ball Mill Efficiency Promotes Growth of Mining Industry

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In the rapid development, Zoneding Machine maintains intrinsic market superiority, on the base of consolidating traditional mining machinery, researching new technology, perfecting old skills and improving science and technology levels in products.   The growth of ball mill industry largely depends on the improvement of ball mill efficiency.

First, to ensure that the appropriate cylinder speed, make the raw material and the grinding medium formed behind fall sports.   Speed too slow, centrifugal force is small, the friction force is small, the grinding body cannot compared.in increase, also it is impossible to form falling movement, on the other hand, the speed too fast, centrifugal force is big, the frictional force is big, the grinding medium turn against the cylinder wall, also can't form falling movement, not falling movement, grinding medium, there is no collision for raw material, and only grinding effect, efficiency is lower, so the cylinder speed too slow or too fast is not desirable.

Second, determine the appropriate material, ball, water percentage. Loading capacity of grinding medium has a significant effect on efficiency of ball mill, load too little, to material impact and grinding effect is small, too much load, the rate of decrease, interaction increasing, the grinding effect on grinding materials for the work and reduce.   When grinding medium load must be every pitch into the shoes of different the ball mill is different, the capacity is too little, can shorten the time of ball mill, but production is decreased, the rate of overmuch, cylinder body the remaining space, less grinding body touch attack effect to reduce, the ball mill efficiency is low.   To appropriate proportion of material and water, and ultimately depends on the moisture content of mud, liquidity into the water, the water is too little, too thick paste, material dispersion, resistance increase, the movement of grinding medium on material crushing effect, on the other hand, the...


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