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There Is High Consumption of Raw Materials in Hongxing

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As for Internal materials of Jaw Crusher, made by Henan Hongxing, use impact resistance and wear-resisting material, limestone is in impact state during the process of extrusion and impact, when materials hit each other, reducing direct impact between blow bar and materials and energy consumption. At present, in the design and production of Jaw Crusher, Henan Hongxing is already in the domestic leading level. In the near future mining machinery industry is going into the international world, Henan Hongxing will innovate in limestone crushing technology of Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Cone Crusherand Mobile Crushing Station, making it popular in the world. Welcome friends from all communities to visit.During the process of crushing, large mineral stones are turned into small ones while various useful mineral particles are separated. The crushing degree of mineral stones will promote the ore beneficiation productivity. Among the crushed mineral stones, different minerals that are originally connected with each other will crack on the surface and turn into particles called monomer solution containing a single mineral. Still, there are also particles named combined particles containing several minerals. The degree of dissociation of a certain mineral refers to the percentage between the total number of monomer solution from minerals and the combined particles. Henan Hongxing is specialized in the producing of jaw crusher,impact crusher, cone crusher, industrial milling machine, and vibrating screen, dust collector equipment, to succeed in a lot of mining and processing to use.However, if minerals stones are over crushed, more tiny particles that are difficult to separate will turn up, which leads to the mineral loss called “Over Crushing” despite it may enhance the dissociation. “Over Crushing” is not conducive to the separation process. On the other hand, because over crushing does unnecessary work which increases other energy consumption including crushing process,...


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