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Does Pakistani Society Regard Women as an Angel in the House or a Source of All Evils

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Perspective of society:
A perspective of any society depends upon the thinking people of that particular society. How much intellectual are they? How much sensible are they? And how much educated are they? All these have an impact on building a perspective of any society towards any object or incident or scenario.
Women as an angel or sources of evils:
All characters of women i.e. daughter, sister, mother, wife, mother in law etc are respectable and are supposed to depict such behavior which proves them as an angel rather than a source of evil.
Pakistani society:
As Pakistan is an Islamic state. Islamic teachings have a positive influence on the behavior and reactions of people constituting the Pakistani society. A majority of Pakistani society regards women as an angel in house. If she is a mother, she has given a privilege of head of house. If she is wife, she is the one who can take any step for the betterment of all at home. If she is daughter or sister, she enjoys the status of being the most favorite of the house. 
There are certain parts where few people regard women as sources of evil. And such people are like a salt in flour. 
Causes of regarding as sources of evil:
There are following reasons which lead to such mentality:
• Lack of education
• Following the outmoded customs and traditions
• Negligence of Islamic teachings
How to change this?
Proper education along with development of sensible thinking leads to bring a change in such perception. Outmoded customs and traditions should be abolished. Following of such customs and traditions should be discouraged by the heads of particular community. Proper Islamic teachings regarding such issues should be spread to avoid such behavior.
At the end, it can be proudly said that Pakistani society regards a women as an angel. And this is the most beautiful aspect of this society.

Yes, Pakistani society regard woman as angel in house because Pakistani society...


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