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Three Domains

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As a person develops and grows they experience psychical and mental changes. Instead of approaching one aspect of development, scientists have broken their studies into three different domains; Biosocial, Cognitive, and Psychosocial. It is important to study each domain because they all affect each other, which carry on through person’s life span. This reality is conveyed through one word, biopsychosocial; defined as the interaction of the three developmental domains, even though the domains are studied separately (Berger, Kathleen, 2012, p. 19).
Biosocial Development is the changes and growth that takes place in a person. This not only includes physical changes, but ones you cannot see (2012. P. 19). It includes physical growth, genetic, nutrition, and health factors that can play a big role in a person’s development. Such things described are hair growth, body weight, bone development and mind development. The first two years of development a child changes drastically; the body weight quadruples and the brain weight triples (2012, p. 128). Connections between brain cells grow dense, and sense and motor skills develop. As a child gets older, growth rate slows down and better coordination develops along with gross motor skills. If a child is special needs, it is imperative to catch it early one in order to give that child the best support possible. Growth spurts occur and puberty happens, causing young adults to have a sexual activity increase. Everyday changes occur in a person body and this will continue throughout life.
Cognitive Development is the mental process a person uses to understand and gain knowledge. Other mental processes such as thinking, imagination, imitation, and reasoning are developed in this domain. Structured educations as well as formal learning fall under this domain as well (2012, p. 19). When a baby is born they are not aware of the things around them but as the baby grows he or she starts to become aware of their surroundings. They...


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