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Manner in Which a Society May Collapse as a Result of Corruption

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A Tribute to Chinua A chebe
It is a great honors to join in the SABC’S tribute to Chinua Achebe, but the task is daunting. Chinua Achebe is one of the modern world’s literary giants, one can not take the full measure of his life and work within the compass of an essay, and even a book-length summary is difficult. One can begin, of course by noting that in the last sixty or so years   Chinua Achebe played a critical role in finding appropriate   words and literary   forms for the colonial powers that transformed African life. He was less concerned   with effect of colonialism on government or industry, though some of those consequences, so crucial in the emergence, figure in his work. He was concerned chiefly with effects of colonization on values of outlooks on the African way of life. By “things fall apart” he meant a more general process of change the reorganization of perceptions as well as of institution. He meant not only the expansion of an industrial exploitative, not only the lightening systems of political co scion the spread of a capitalist economy into all regions of African society, but also, and even predominantly the remaking of cultural perception   the effect of colonization on cultural values and perception has not however been exposed with the origin as ,for example the alliance of markets and politics of course the influence of colonization on thought and expression is more difficult to identify , though no less significant. And any account of that influence must acknowledge that of no other writers can it so truly be said that all Africans, in Africa and the , owe Chinua Achebe an enormicer debt of gratitude .
What made Chinua Achebe unique as a writer? He possessed , beyond all the boundaries of our admiration for his art, an uncanny power to woke our reverence. Perhaps this power sprang from his dedication, his having subjected himself successfully t the demanding discipline necessary to the mastery of his art or perhaps, it was a quality with...


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