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Internet - Essay

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Internet has made information so handy, but at the same time, it's spoiling our children with all the adult content.

Should children be kept away from internet?

The World Wide Web is an important part of our day-to-day life; no one will deny this fact. We can get all the information we need in just a matter of few minutes. In fact, these days it is so easy for people living in different parts of the world to get in touch with each other because of easy access to emails and applications like Skype.

It is true that human beings will be able to find almost anything by just looking for the same online but there is a down side to this. Children are using the internet to look for adult content and this is something that many parents are totally against. Almost all the information that one wishes to look for can be found online and this includes the adult content too. Children are curious by nature and when they are growing up, they are even more interested in anything that they are not allowed to find out more about. This is the reason why they use the internet and satisfy their curiosity by looking for adult content.

The main question to be asked here is whether or not children should be kept away from the internet. Honestly, this is something that is impossible because even if you stop your children from using the World Wide Web at home, they will use it somewhere else.

You cannot stop them from doing what they want to but you can sure set some restrictions at home. You can also let it be known that you can find out what pages they have visited on the computer. If they are still too young, they will not know how to delete the History from the web browser. You will also find that there are parental control software programs that are available and you can consider getting one.


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