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Roma Situation in Kosova

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Kosovo as a post-conflict country has faced numerous challenge with respect to creation of a democratic, multicultural society. Despite noted progress in establishing the necessary legal framework to protect human rights, with a focus on minority rights and multi-culturalism, more needs to be done in order to sustain this commitment of Kosovo’s institutions and it citizens in practice. As discussed in the previous chapter, Kosovo legislative body has incorporated a substantial number of laws and regulations that affect the domain of human rights; however in practice it has not always been successful in applying the measures as foreseen by the legislation, a consequence that has resulted in only partial implementation of the laws. With this regard, the Law against Discrimination and the regulations safeguarding the rights of communities have been very feebly addressed with very few measures taken to put them into practice.

According to the institutions assisting Kosovo on advancement of human rights, democratization and civil liberties[1], the main challenge to the implementation of the legal framework lies within the weak functioning and coordination   of the institutional bodies foreseen to address these issues by law.   While the parliament of Kosovo has been very active with adoption of the primary legislation on human rights it is evident that more resources need to be allocated to the adoption of the complementary sub-legal acts, and implementation of its provisions, to the formation of the bodies responsible for implementation of the specific laws. Some laws, including the Anti-Discrimination law have not been fully implemented; other law that unfortunately have not seen satisfactory implementation are the law on language use and rights of minority communities[2]. Considering the growth of the secondary legislation in countries of the European Union and the recent political and social developments in Kosovo it is evident that the mere adoption of the primary...


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