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Gas Supply System of Aerated Concrete Equipment

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Henan in recent years new construction,expansion of the number of autoclave aerated concrete production line equipment.From the design and operation of engineering examples see,autoclave aerated concrete block heating system design is critical to the entire production process,reasonable heating system ensures autoclave aerated block product performance, quality and production efficiency,reduce production costs, improve the production environment, improve energy utilization. In the heating design, forming a unique autoclave aerated concrete block the gas supply system. Reasonable heating system for the gas supply and pour each with different pipes, sewage pools add a new role, replacing the muffler. Through the rational switching, enabling intake and pour gas, vacuum the same time, to improve productivity, energy saving effect, reducing energy consumption.
The general public has a production line six autoclave with a table 6t / h, 1.6MPa saturated steam coal-fired boilers. The steam from the boiler room to the gas distribution. Gas distribution points between two steam cylinder, a vacuum pump. Gas distribution between the gas distribution is to achieve a reasonable, rational use of energy switching key. The 1st sub-cylinder steam from the boiler is assigned to six autoclave; the 2nd minute from six cylinder inverted gas autoclave redistributed. This project should not set requirements of owners pre-curing room with gas. To improve production efficiency, the exhaust pipe 6 connected to an exhaust valve each, and lead to the sewage wells. The design features: gas and pour gas can simultaneously improve productivity; using sewage wells, eliminating the exhaust muffler to reduce waste emissions, while autoclave hydrophobic also gathered in sewage wells, centralized collection hydrophobic for spices used. As Guangxi winter temperatures of 6-12 degrees Celsius, occurs when very cold frost. The stand by aerated block temperature requirements (50-60 degrees C), the best...


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