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End of Education Is Character

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End of education is character
The end of education is character. Without a proper character, education is of no value. Nowadays, under the pretext of separating the religion and the state, the schools don’t teach anything but subjects. Morals that used to be taught earlier are abandoned by the public schools. If one lacks character, values and principles in life, however educated a person is, what can he accomplish in life? Even if he achieves academic and professional achievements, will that result in achieving peace of mind?

We recently had a spiritual discussion among a few friends and the subject matter of discussion was about education. One of the friends asked, “What is true education?” Other friends sat in a circle tried to address that question. One said, “Education without character is of no value. Education we get might help us make a living but we won’t be able to take anything with us when we leave. On the contrary, if we build character, the benefits derived from that would be carried over to our next life.”

Another friend said, “Sometimes I wonder what can I teach my children when I am work in progress and still in the process of learning so many things. Education is a life-long exercise and it stops only when I leave my mortal coil.” “Education is learning that every life in this world came from a same source and to put in a clear perspective, understanding only the name and form of each person is different, all lives originated from the same source” said another friend.

My wife said, “Whether we need it or not, we get a lot of advice from several sources throughout our life. We can take what we find useful and others we can learn to ignore. At the end of the day, listening to our own consciousness and making decisions based on what we believe in our heart is the right way.”

When my turn came to say something I said, “The fact that we are born in this world is an indication that we have come to learn something. We face series of...


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